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Top 5 Destinations for a Romantic Overseas Wedding

Are you and your fiancé one of those couples who feels nothing is more romantic than an overseas wedding? Certain cities are synonymous with romance, and these cities often become the top destinations for an overseas wedding. Here are five of the best.

  1. Florence, Italy provides the perfect backdrop for a romantic, fairytale wedding. A popular place to get married is the Sala Rossa wedding hall of Florence. The décor of Sala Rossa is spectacularly dramatic, decorated with sprawling red carpets and baroque furnishings. The walls still have their original coverings from when the hall was renovated during the 1860s. If you want to get married there you will need to book as far in advance as possible.
    Florence wedding
  2. If your idea of a romantic wedding involves getting married on an island, you may want to consider holding your nuptials in Aruba. You can choose a wedding on the beach, in a tropical garden or even on a private cruise at sunset. Many of the beaches in Aruba are small and quiet, making it the perfect place for a romantic, low-key wedding. If you want privacy on your wedding day, you can get married on a private island. The rules for getting married in Aruba vary according to your religion if you want to get married in a local house of worship.
    getting married in Aruba
  3. Another great choice for your romantic overseas wedding is Greece. The islands in Greece provide the perfect romantic backdrop for any wedding. As a foreigner, you will have the option of getting married in a Greek church, or being married by a Mayor. Greece is a good choice because you don't have to worry about meeting any residency requirements. You will also be able to acquire your marriage license before you even arrive for your wedding. Ceremonies are always conducted in Greek, so you will want to hire an interpreter for the big day. The beautiful seas and consistent warm weather make Greece one of the most romantic overseas destinations.
    Greece wedding
  4. Kyoto, Japan is known as a romantic city and is also a great place for your overseas wedding. The ancient temples and shrines are great if you are interested in Japanese culture. It is possible to book a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony, complete with a kimono and professional Japanese hairstyling and makeup. Your wedding can include authentic Japanese food and maiko entertainment.
    Kyoto wedding
  5. What could be more romantic than getting married in Paris? One option is to exchange your vows in Paris's world famous American Cathedral. You can then hold an elaborate dinner reception, followed by dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Bear in mind that in France, a religious ceremony is not legally binding. You will need to have a civil ceremony beforehand, and present your marriage certificate before the religious ceremony can proceed.
    getting married in Paris?

If you are considering getting married in any of these, or any other overseas destinations, make sure you do your homework beforehand. Each country has its own laws and regulations. You may have to provide documents, translated into the local language. You might have to have a medical exam or blood tests. Check with your chosen county's Embassy or Consulate for what will be required of you.

There are so many more choices for a romantic overseas wedding, but you will find that you can't go wrong getting married in any of these destinations. Each provides its own unique romantic experience that you will cherish forever.

Written by: Andrew Chreighton