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6 Important Things to Talk About Before Getting Married

Marriage is one the biggest commitments a person can make, and it's absolutely essential that both people are on the same page when it comes to major issues. Being able to communicate openly and honestly is one of the cornerstones of any successful marriage. Below are a few of the most important things a couple should consider before walking down the aisle.

6 Important Things to Talk About Before Getting Married

Discuss Priorities:

Before tying the knot, it's valuable to discuss what kind of goals each partner has going forward. If one person wants to travel the world, but the other wants to get a degree or settle down and save for a home, it could cause friction. Be open to compromises and lay out each person's goals and aspirations for the future. A strong marriage can serve as an excellent foundation for achieving dreams when both people are on board.

Talk About Children:

Even if neither person is ready to be a parent just yet, it's a good idea to discuss plans for children before they become a reality. The number of kids and when to start having them are not the only issue, either: consider how starting a family will impact both parents' careers, goals, and time management. It is also a great idea to discuss parenting styles and agree on how to raise children, especially when it comes to things like religion and discipline.

Lay out the Financial Situation:

Before marriage, have an honest conversation about finances. Discuss any potential debt, credit scores, assets, property, or anything else that might be relevant. Having a clear picture of the overall financial situation is indispensable, and holding back might end up hurting one or both people down the road. Lay out budgets, talk about how to handle finances together, and talk to an expert if necessary.

Bring Up the Prenup:

While it may not be the most romantic part about getting married, deciding whether or not to get a prenuptial agreement is an important legal step when considering matrimony. No couple wants to think about the possibility of splitting up, but being prepared is the responsible and mature thing to do when property, income, and even children are part of the equation. Prenuptial agreements aren't for everyone, but it's a conversation worth bringing up.

Decide on Responsibilities:

Some couples make all duties a shared responsibility, and some like to divide things up. It's important to establish expectations early on, especially if both spouses have jobs. Making it clear who will do what around the house can help bypass potential conflicts and keep domestic life running smoothly. Avoid unnecessary stress is crucial to maintaining a happy and healthy marriage.

Be Open with Each Other:

More than anything, marriage is a sign of trust and love between two people. Communication in general is important, but make sure that you do more than talk about chores or plans for the day. Take time once in a while to sit down and have deep conversations. Both people should be able to speak freely about fears, hopes, doubts, and anything that might be troubling them. Getting below the surface and learning to truly communicate is one of the best things a couple can do for their long-term happiness.

Always keep in mind that marriages take dedication and hard work from everyone involved. Before saying "I do" and making a lifelong commitment, take the time to discuss the big picture to ensure that your union will be founded on open, honest communication from day one.

Written by: Peter Vossman